Bright Blonde Conditioner for Beautiful Color

Bright Blonde

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Restore brightness and shine to blonde hair. This deeply nourishing violet conditioner corrects brassiness and yellow tones while imparting strength, softness and sheen for hair that is truly enlightened.

  • Moisturizes and restores elasticity
  • Easily detangles to help prevent breakage
  • Visibly brightens and eliminates brassiness
  • Can be used daily to brighten and tone blonde hair

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How To Use

Massage, indulge (for at least one minute), rinse.


Brightening Complex

Lemon, Ginger Root and Chamomile Extracts optimize shade, tonality and luminosity.

Oribe Signature Complex

Watermelon, Lychee and Edelweiss Flower defend hair from oxidative stress, photoaging and the deterioration of natural keratin while protecting from the drying, damaging and color-depleting effects of the elements.

Pure Violet Pigment

Removes brassiness and yellow tones from blonde, highlighted hair.

Lavender Extract

Helps nourish damaged and brittle hair while conditioning and adding shine.

Blend of Moringa, Baobab, Mirabelle Plum Oils and Shea Butter

Perfectly balanced to provide a high level of moisturization without weighing down the hair or making it flat.

Swiss Garden Cress Sprouts

High in phyto-nutrients, they detoxify and protect the hair from environmental stress factors, pollutants and natural oxidation to help maintain color vibrancy.

Multi-UV Protection

Shields hair from the color-depleting, fading and drying effects of the sun’s rays and UV exposure.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

This is a super high quality hair product. Thick, rich conditioner with violet to preserve your blonde hair or highlights. Hair feels amazing, silky, beautiful afterwards

My favorite purple conditioner

Ever since I was introduced to this condition I have been in love. I havent found another brand that makes my hair feel so good!

Truly made the biggest difference

I've used many purple products over the years for my bleached blonde hair, but I never received as many compliments on its tone and overall color as I did when I was using this conditioner. This single product truly made the biggest difference in keeping that icy tone to my hair and staving off any brass. I could go the entire time between color maintenance appointments at the salon without my hair turning yellow. Expensive, but unfortunately, I gotta have it lol. And it really is worth it!

Love this product

I bought the shampoo and conditioner about a month ago. My hair is staying bright blond and my hair is so soft I cant stop touching it. Where have you been all my blond life!

Best Blonde Conditioner Ever

I've been using the Bright Blonde Conditioner for 3 months now and it's by far the best conditioner I've ever used. It tones the brassiness out of my hair but is gentle enough for use 3-times a week. Warning, it does stain your bathtub slightly if you don't wash the excess drips down the drain.