Hair Alchemy Fortifying Treatment Serum

Hair Alchemy

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Discover hair’s ultimate strength. This treatment elixir combines our curative blend of chia seed, bio-fermented bamboo leaf and plant-based protein with phytoceramides and cotton seed extract to shield and fortify fragile strands. The sheer, fast-absorbing serum creates a protective veil around each hair fiber to improve tensile strength and elasticity while preventing breakage by strengthening from within to encourage length. Imagine invincible hair.

  • Prevents breakage and hair fall caused by brushing and styling, encouraging length over time
  • Forms a scaffold around each hair fiber to protect from external aggressors
  • Reinforces and strengthens fragile hair from the inside out
  • Hydrates strands, locks in moisture and enhances softness
  • Improves the tensile strength and elasticity of each hair strand
  • Provides 45° F heat protection

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How To Use

Work a small amount into damp or dry hair to strengthen. Style as usual. Can also be used as an overnight treatment.


Oribe Signature Complex

Watermelon, Lychee and Edelweiss Flower defend hair from oxidative stress, photoaging and the deterioration of natural keratin while protecting from the drying, damaging and color-depleting effects of the elements.

Curative Blend

Chia Seed, Bio-Fermented Bamboo Leaf and Plant-Based Protein penetrate the hair cortex to build strength from within while forming a protective scaffold around strands to reinforce cuticle strength and structure, preventing breakage caused by brushing, styling and external aggressors.

Multi-Action Hyaluronic Acid Complex

Rehydrates from within to deliver a surge of moisture and increase elasticity.


Act as a barrier on strands to prevent moisture loss while enhancing shine.

Cotton Seed Extract

Strengthens and promotes elasticity to prevent breakage while adding softness to each strand.

Green Tea and Plant Polysaccharides

Protect from environmental stressors by preventing the adhesion of pollution particles on hair.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Love this!

I have been using this product for 1 month and in that short time, my hair is stronger, softer, and NOT FALLING OUT! I am amazed that I do not see any hair in my bathroom sink anymore after styling. I will continue using the entire Alchemy line.

Lustrous hair

The packaging was beautiful and felt luxurious. The product has a light fresh scent to it, and made my very damaged hair so soft and silky! My hair is naturally dark brown but it's been bleached to platinum and has direct dye over it- so my hair is very dry. But this product made my hair feel like it's pre bleach state again! I tried it out on damp hair and dry hair and liked the results, if you're using it on dry hair start with less product and work your way up if you want more of an effect. It tamed my fly aways nicely when I used it on dry hair.

Love this

Since I started using this my hair has gotten so many compliments. It has brought back shine & life into my hair. Ive also noticed less frizz. The smell is also very yummy just wished it lingered a little longer.


This serum is seriously awesome. The bottle is so elegant looking and you can tell is a high quality product. The serum smells sooo good, I am obsessed with the scent! I like that you can use this on damp or dry hair and it won't make your hair look oily or weighed down either way. Hair feels super soft after use and you can tell after several uses that it does strengthen your hair. Love that it helps prevent breakage because my hair breaks easily due to coloring and hot tools. A small amount of product is all you need which helps make this high end product perfect for anyone, even those on a budget.

Great for frizz

Ive always had trouble with frizz, a ton of it all the time. I used this serum along with my other products I normally gravitate towards and I felt like I saw an improvement. Not only did it help tremendously with the ball of frizz, it felt like less of my hair broke when I brushed or combed through it. I had less in the brush as well as on the floor where I normally have a ton becauseI have so much hair. Im going keep using this and see if I keep getting results I love!