Matte Waves Texture Lotion


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Get salt-spray waves, sans dryness. This medium-hold lotion coaxes matte-textured pieciness out of even the finest hair, adding grip to styles and a beachy allure.

  • Ideal for creating starchy, matte texture and adding grip for styling
  • Distributes easily throughout the hair
  • Won't dry hair out
  • Matte finish with medium hold
  • Lightweight lotion encourages "salt-spray" waves without dryness

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How To Use

Glide into damp hair, defining waves and natural texture as you go. Apply bronzer while you air-dry.



Provides texture, style retention and hold while controlling frizz.


A tropical plant native to Peru, it delivers nourishment to the hair.

Oribe Signature Complex

Watermelon, Lychee and Edelweiss Flower defend hair from oxidative stress, photoaging and the deterioration of natural keratin while protecting from the drying, damaging and color-depleting effects of the elements.

Tara Plant

Heals damaged hair by moisturizing and thickening strands.

Brazilian Nut Extract

High in fatty acids and Vitamin E, it protects the hair from damage and the elements.

Customer Reviews

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ORIBE ??????

This matte lotion gives my frizzy hair FLAWLESS finish. Ive always struggled and products never helped with my whole head of hair- my hair dresser recommended this and I will never take it out of my hair routine. Its so thin and doesnt make my hair greasy at all.

For beautiful beachy natural waves, or a curl that will stay!

I LOVE this hair product!!! First, it smells AMAZING!!

Second, I comb it through my wet hair, and my hair naturally tries with beautiful, defined beach waves. Note: my hair is naturally beach wavy, but this helps with definition and frizz.

Lastly, my hair usually never holds a curl from a curling iron. I have discovered the secret!! If I do this process above and dry my hair naturally with the Oribe Matte Waves Texture Lotion at night, and the next day I brush out my hair and curl it with a curling iron--THE CURLS LAST FOR DAYS!!!! I have never had this result, except for when doing this process. Highly recommend, worth the money, smells amazing, for beautiful beachy natural waves, or a curl that will stay!

I LOVE this product!

I LOVE this product! I put it in WET HAIR. Then, I put a clip in for 20ish minutes. I think the negative comments are because people either dont have any natural wave in their hair, or arent keeping the hair up while it dries. If you dont have naturally wavy hair this probably wont do anything for you, sorry. This is my hair 12 hours after applying the product. (I used no other product that day).

I highly recommend

I love this matte wave lotion aka sea salt lotion ;-) It smells so good and leave my hair looking wavy and beach dry in a good way lol! It lasts a long time about 2 days ;-) i used about 5-6 pumps and worked it thru my damp hair and once dry i worked a bit more. It left may hair matte wavy and non sticky.....i loved it. I naturally have wavy/straight hair and i just scrunched it in and air dried it! It was worth every penny dont let the price mislead u just be sure to use it properly and air dry it and add a bit more when dried for a extra matte! I highly recommend it:-) My new summer fav!

Keeps my curls in place for up to 3 days

I have naturally straight hair that is long (reaches my lower back when straight). I know this product is made for waves but I get another great use out of it. When I curl my hair I often experience a lot of fallout no matter how much hairspray I tack on. However, one time I decided Id try to use this before curling so I could hopefully add some texture to my hair and it worked beautifully! I now use this before & after curling my hair. It feels and smells amazing and keeps my curls in place for up to 3 days! It doesnt have that same tacky feel that hairspray does and allows my hair to move and look much more natural. Would definitely recommend even if you are just using it to tame your own naturally wavy hair. Oribe Matte Waves Texture Lotion