Serene Scalp Oil Control Dry Shampoo Powder

Serene Scalp

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Extend time between washes and reset your scalp. Our ultra-absorbing, silkening dry shampoo powder mattifies the scalp and reduces excess sebum. A specialty starch blend and kaolin clay absorb oil, dirt and product buildup while mango leaf extract helps support a healthy scalp microbiome.

  • Intensely absorbs oil, dirt and product buildup
  • Visibly reduces the appearance of oil making hair appear “just washed”
  • Regulates and prevents excess sebum and oil
  • Extends time between washing while leaving hair ultra clean
  • Balances and supports a healthy scalp microbiome

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How To Use

Part hair into sections and apply directly to scalp. Let sit for 1-2 minutes, massage in thoroughly and brush through to remove excess product.


Oribe Signature Complex

Watermelon, Lychee and Edelweiss Flower defend hair from oxidative stress, photoaging and the deterioration of natural keratin while protecting from the drying, damaging and color-depleting effects of the elements.

Specialty Starch Blend

Rice, Corn, and Tapioca, along with Kaolin Clay, intensely absorb dirt, oil and product buildup to cleanse the scalp while instantly reducing excess sebum.

Rosebay Extract

Naturally regulates and rebalances the scalp’s microbiome to reduce excess sebum.

Willowherb Extract

Cultivated in the Alps, it acts as a bioactive prebiotic to promote beneficial bacteria while mattifying the scalp to minimize oiliness.

Mango Leaf Extract

From responsibly sourced mango leaves, it mattifies, cleanses and purifies while extending time between washing.

Cherimoya Fruit Extract

Adaptogenic properties help to destress and rebalance the scalp while establishing a healthy environment for optimal hair health.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
The best dry shampoo ever!

I am a die hard aerosol dry shampoo girl but was so surprised by this product!! You have so much control with dispensing it directly on the root which is extremely important when you arent quite that greasy. A little sprinkle goes a long way - I have already gotten my sisters on board who have extremely oily hair and they were SOLD immediately! It doesnt matter if your hair is light or dark because it blends so well!! 5 Stars!!

Perfect Dry Shampoo

I absolutely love this dry shampoo, I usually wash my hair twice a week and in between I use dry shampoo, I could never really find any that didnt make my hair extremely stiff after two days! After using this Oribe Serene Scalp Oil Control Dry Shampoo Powder for a few weeks, I could instantly tell it was perfect! My hair doesnt get stiff and it actually controls the oil and the scent is absolutely amazing!

If you have oily hair..look no further

This product is great for soaking up oil without weighing your hair down. Ive tried other similar powders that become almost tacky or sticky to touch. Not this one. Its light but soaks up your oil. Also, you can apply it where you want it and avoid your pores in your scalp so no worries about clogging those or follicles. Overall, its great. Smells good. Lasts long. No lies or gimmicks.

Best dry shampoo ever!!

I have dark, thin, fine, oily hair so even the thought of trying a dry shampoo gives me flashbacks to Casper the ghost. Honestly I had given up on even trying dry shampoo! But this one actually works!!! Because of the shaker top design and not some high volume sprayer, I was able to put just a little bit on my hair and it worked like a charm. Took away the oil, didnt leave a white cast and didnt look like I just tried to freshen up with baby powder. Thank you so much I will definitely be repurchasing.


Sooo I have PCOS, which makes me have really thin hair that gets greasy super easily. Ive tried so many dry shampoos and most weigh my hair down or make it look white and dusty and gross. NOT THIS ONE. It works so so good!! I followed the directions, but blow dried my hair afterwards for a few seconds for a little more volume, and I love the results! I can now confidently leave the house without washing my hair. Would buy again for sure!!! ??